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These regulations shall apply to all users of the Company's Yards, Car Park, Slipways, Pontoons, Stages, Moorings and all other facilities.  These Regulations may be altered from time to time by resolution of the Board of Directors of the Company and any alteration shall become effective immediately.

In addition to the clauses below all work undertaken and services provided are subject to the Terms and Conditions agreed by the British Marine Federation (BMF) and The Yacht Harbour Association (THYA) and any alterations thereof by the BMF or TYHA from the publication date.

All boats, tenders, trailers and dinghies must have the boat or owners name clearly displayed, and we recommend the postcode on tenders.

Sea cocks and other through hull apertures are the responsibility of the owner and must be checked by the owner prior to launching.

At the time of launching rigging will be made secure, it is the owners responsibility to make sure that any rig adjustments are carried out prior to the boat leaving Trafalgar Wharf.

Un-stepping the mast does not include the removal of sails, furling gear, covers, electronics etc, or of un-seizing rigging screws.  This will be charged at hourly rates.

Living on board a boat on a permanent basis is not permitted.

The Company reserve the right to double berth if necessary, and to move the vessel to another berth upon giving reasonable notice to the owner.

Boats must be moored using good quality rope.  Half tide or channel mooring strops must be supplied and maintained by the boat owner.

Vessels with mast (s) in place are more at risk in severe weather conditions. Owners are strongly advised to remove mast (s) for winter storage.

All Sails and dodgers must be removed from vessels laid up ashore during the period 1st October to 31st March.

All craft on trailers left in care must be immobilised and any attached outboard motors must be fitted with anti-theft device in addition to normal method of attachment.

Whilst boats are ashore, no person is allowed to climb the mast or be hoisted aloft.

Engines must not be started whilst the boats are ashore.

If boats are stored undercover, all of the petrol is to be drained from the tanks.

All rubbish, including discarded paint and solvent tins, must be disposed of in the correct bins.

No welding, work with naked flames, or spray painting must take place without prior permission from the marina office.

No smoking in the building or onboard boats.

Only TW yard staff are allowed to move boat shores, for whatever reason.

LOA is length overall of the boat including davits, bowsprits, boarding ladders, stern drives, tenders, outboards, rudders, anchors, pulpits, pushpits and any other extensions fore and aft of the boat.

The customer and any other person entering any part of our premises and/or facilities for whatever purpose and whether by invitation or otherwise do so at their own risk. No unaccompanied or unsupervised children.

Owners of vessels must provide own forms of suitable access onto their vessels once ashore. Trafalgar Wharf will not provide any ladders or staging.

Ladders or Staging that are not of a suitable nature will be removed on Health & Safety grounds, and may be destroyed.

Your attention is drawn to our Terms of Business available on request.

The Company would advise against the keeping of boats afloat during the winter and is unable to accept responsibility to boats so left.  Boats left on pontoons after 31 October will be charged the rate for laying afloat (normal rates are based on 7 months afloat and 5 months ashore)

No sub-contractor will be allowed to carry out any work on any boat in Trafalgar Wharf without producing a copy of their Public Liability Insurance to the sum of minimum £2,000,000.

The Company reserve the right to charge for the handling of fin and skeg boats and catamarans on an hourly rate if they should prove to be particularly difficult to handle.

When repairs, alterations or similar work has been carried out by the Company or its authorised sub-contractors the payment for such work shall be made in full before the boat is removed from the Company's custody.

No private or off-site Broker's 'For Sale' notices may be displayed on craft kept on the Company's property without prior approval of the Operations Manager. 

Any boat sold whilst on the Company's property shall incur a fee of 1% of the selling price, plus VAT, whether it is sold privately or through off-site Brokers.

All boats whether on a swinging mooring, pontoon berth or ashore must have the required boat insurance to the sum of £2,000,000.  Owners may be asked to produce a copy of their insurance certificate.

Owners, their crew, families and any other personnel visiting their boat or Trafalgar Wharf, do so at their own risk.

Any cars parked at Trafalgar Wharf do so at their own risk.

A copy of Trafalgar Wharf’s Full Terms and Conditions is available from the marina office.
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